Saturday, July 2, 2011

Save Valuable Strokes by Becoming a Better Chipper

Tips to Become
a Better Chipper.

1.  Play the ball in the middle to back of your stance.

2.  Position the grip end of the club under your left ear. (This is for righties of course.) This position
     should put your hands in front of the ball.

3.  As you make the stroke you want to maintain this position, leading the club into the ball.

4.  The stroke should be like a putting stroke without breaking down the left wrist.

5.  Be sure to keep 75% of your weight on your left foot throughout your swing..

6.  Pick a spot to land the ball so that the ball will roll out to the pin.

7.  Be consistent with your fundamentals and you will have great success.

8. Go to the range or practice green and practice chipping from different yardages. This will help you to be more consistent in your chipping and give you an idea of how far back to take the club.